Merits of Mary in Islam (1/2)

Not only does Islam recognize that Mary was virgin, but it also dismisses anybody alleging that ...

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Prophet Muhammad's Message to Heraclius

Early Dialogue with the Followers of Jesus

Allah teaches Muslims in the Qur’an that when dialogue with non-Muslims reaches an impasse they ...

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sunrise over a field

Merits of Mary in Islam (2/2)

It is safe to say that, unlike Jews, both Christians and Muslims hold Mary in high esteem. Howe ...

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Was Jesus a Muslim?

No wonder, Muslims do love Jesus. A person cannot be Muslim without believing in Jesus. Muslims ...

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Jesus as a Word and Spirit from Allah

Christians conclude that He is a Son of God, but Muslims insist that he is not a Son of God, th ...

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Jesus in Islam

Message of Jesus as a Prophet of God

According to Islam, Allah taught Jesus writing, wisdom, the Torah and the Gospel as a messenger ...

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Is God: Jesus, Jesus and Mary, a third of three or the Clergy in Christianity according to the Qur’an?

Is God: Jesus, Jesus and Mary, the third of three or the Clergy in Christianity according to the Qur’an?

Some Christians believe that Jesus is God, others that he is the son of God, others take him an ...

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green nature

Miracles of Jesus

It is curious enough that the Qur’an cites miracles performed by Jesus of which the New Testame ...

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Old Testament & New Testament

Followers of Jesus from an Islamic Perspective

Muslims believe that Jesus was the Messiah prophesied in the Jewish texts and that the people w ...

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Gary Miller (Abdul-Ahad Omar)

Dr. Gary Miller: “Man is Born Muslim”

Watch this video to listen to Dr. Gary Miller, also known as Abdul-Ahad Omar, while proving tha ...

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