Slavery in Quran

Does the Quran Support Slavery?

Islam spared no effort to emancipate slaves but in a reasonable, gradual manner. It did not enc ...

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Prophet Muhammad

Why did Prophet Muhammad Marry Aishah at a Young Age?

Why did Prophet Muhammad marry Aishah at the age of 9 years? Can we use this marriage as an exa ...

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Is the Qur’an Muhammad’s or Allah’s Word?

Is the Qur’an Muhammad’s or Allah’s Word?

There is a chapter (Surah) in the Noble Qur’an bearing the name of “Maryam” (Mary). The referre ...

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Focus on critisicm

Do Muslims Accept Criticism?

So long as Muslims are made subject to objective criticism driven by a real desire for reaching ...

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Wife beating

Did Muhammad Permit Wife-Beating?

We remark that the countries where domestic violence rates are the highest ever worldwide are n ...

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Prophet Muhammad's Several Wives

Why did Muhammad Marry Several Women?

Prophet Muhammad was driven by the goal to ensure that his mission as the Messenger of God was ...

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Husband & Wife

Wife Beating

Are women inferior to men? How can understand verse 34 of Surat al-Nisaa'? What about wife beat ...

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Did Prophet Muhammad Persecute Jews? (1/2)

Is Prophet Muhammad’s history with Jews rife with harm to them? Was he an anti-Jewish character ...

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Did Prophet Muhammad Persecute Jews? (2/2)

Had Prophet Muhammad really been anti-Jewish, he would have persecuted Jews since the dawn of h ...

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Islam and Science

Is Islam in Conflict with Science?

Science and Islam are intimately linked. Islam not only places a high premium on science but po ...

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