Salvation in Islam

What is the Islamic perspective concerning salvation? How could one have his sins been forgiven ...

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sunrise between mountains

Monotheism: Who Is God in Islam?

What does belief in God mean in Islam? How does Islam view monotheism? How do we know about the ...

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The Commandments of Islam (1/3)

  Noble brothers and sisters, let the path you tread in your relationship with society and othe ...

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testimony of faith

The Two Testimonies of the Islamic Faith

As there can be no building without a concrete foundation there likewise will be no benefit or ...

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God: The All-Loving, the Merciful

How is God loving and merciful? What does divine love look like? How is it manifested in the cr ...

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road to heaven

Islam and Belief in the Hereafter

Before giving us life He took a covenant from each of us. What is that covenant, and what does ...

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Belief in Allah’s Messengers

In what messengers do Muslims believe? Why does belief in God’s messengers indicate? Why did Go ...

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The Commandments of Islam (3/3)

How does Islam lay the basis for regulating personal behaviour and social relations? How does I ...

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The Commandments of Islam (2/3)

Islam commands love and unity, and forbids that one disassociates from others as well as all ot ...

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