Famous singer

Abdullah Rolle Tells His Story on Why He Chose Islam

Abdullah Rolle who worked with many famous artists left the Music Business after a long time of ...

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Abdullah Daniel Hernandez

Why Are Hispanics Embracing Islam? The Story of Daniel Hernandez

A story about a Latino Puerto rican, Daniel Hernandez, who was once a gang member and living th ...

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Someone making supplication to Allah.

How Robert Davila Converted to Islam

Who is Robert Davila? How did he embrace Islam? How did he learn and understand the Qur’an? ...

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A new revert to Islam.

A Former Catholic Finds the Path of Truth

Is the path of truth easy? Why does it need patience? ...

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How An-Najashi Converted to Islam

What do you know about the Abyssinian king, An-Najashi? How did he treat the Muslim immigrants ...

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Son of Arnoud van Doorn

Van Doorn’s Son Accepts Islam

“I saw my father become more peaceful after converting to Islam. That’s when I realized there i ...

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Brother Paul

Brother Paul: It Takes Time to Learn What Islam Is about

Brother Paul, an American new Muslim tells his conversion story to Islam; how he learned about ...

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Ian Weber

Dr. Ian Weber from UK Converts to Islam

All around the world you can find people convert to Islam. What made them to..Let's find out wh ...

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Christian Minister

Great Interview with Youth Christian Minister, Joshua Evans

In this episode, Former Youth Minister Joshua Evans tells us how he embraced Islam after in dep ...

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a man is looking at the ski.

D T F Wong Finds Islam

What are the contradictions found in Christianity that make its followers search for the truth? ...

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