Gary Miller

Why Did Prof. Gary Miller Revert to Islam?

Watch this video to know why Prof. Gary Miller, the Canadian Mathematician and former Christian ...

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Lisa Vogl-Hamid

How Did Hijab Lead Lisa Vogl to Islam?

Watch this video to know what happened in the interview which Lisa Vogl had with Ms. Nadine abo ...

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Ann Holmes Redding

Female Priest Embraced Islam after Jesus Came to her, Says ABC News

Watch this report of ABC News to know how Jesus Christ appeared and led the female priest, Ann ...

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Judge Marilyn Mornington

How did District Judge Marilyn Mornington Revert to Islam?

How did District Judge Marilyn Mornington revert to Islam though she was supposed to correct vi ...

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Celebrities Embracing Islam

Celebrities Embracing Islam

The following celebrities converted to Islam: Busta Ryhmes, Jermaine Jackson, Michael Jackson, ...

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Malcolm X

Why Did Malcolm X Revert to Islam?

Why should some natives with different skin colors, like Malcolm X, prefer to follow the religi ...

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Yvonne Ridley

Yvonne Ridley Reverts to Islam

What did Yvonne Ridley say about the Qur’an? Was she oppressed to accept Islam? ...

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Imam Yahya Graff

From a Christian to a Houston Imam: Yahya John Graff

From a Christian to not just a Muslim, but also a prominent imam and teacher in Huston, Texas, ...

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Former Priest

Former Catholic Priest, Idris Tawfiq, Converts to Islam

Why should a Roman Catholic priest, Idris Tawfiq, convert to Islam? Is it natural for a man to ...

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Muslim Convert Jamie

Playboy Hollywood Girl Converts to Islam

Indeed, conversion to Islam is a turning point in Jamie's life. Watch this video to see how a p ...

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