Healthy habits

Islam as Conducive to the Most Healthful Habits

One of the main pieces of evidence why Islam is the right religion is that it ensures the menta ...

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Disabled persons

People with Special Needs from an Islamic Perspective

Not only does Islam preach justice towards people with special needs as if they were quite heal ...

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Human Rights in Islam

Human Rights in Islam

The Deen Show hosts the author of “The Lies about Muhammad”, Imam Moustafa Zayed, to speak abou ...

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Social Justice in Islam

Social Justice In Islam

One of the most important principles in Islam is social justice with all important values that ...

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Human Solidarity

Human Solidarity in Islam

No matter how human solidarity may be defined, it is actually inherent in Islam. Nobody may den ...

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sunrise between mountains

Life and Morality in Islam

How does Islam judge what is morally right or wrong? What is the key to virtue and good life in ...

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Bonds of Brotherhood in Islam

As Muslims, our faith is not complete, and our worship is not sufficient, until we have built s ...

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Altruism and Regard for others

Altruism and Regard for Others

Altruism is when a person cares for others’ needs more than his own, despite his need. He might ...

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The Commandments of Islam (1/3)

  Noble brothers and sisters, let the path you tread in your relationship with society and othe ...

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Biodiversity in the Qur'an

Biodiversity in the Qur’an

The verses of the Qur’an paid the living beings on the earth so special attention that many cha ...

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