drug abuse

Islam against Drug Abuse

The Qur'anic legislation concerning the total abstinence from using intoxicants gives Islam a d ...

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Asian Child

Child’s Right to Care and Education before Work and Obligation

It is safe to say that Islam gives children many rights and is concerned with their spiritual, ...

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Children are Blessings not Possessions

Parents, extended families, guardians and the Muslim community at large have been given a trust ...

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Child rights

What Islam Says About Children

Children are to be well fed, well-groomed, properly dressed for seasons and appearance. Childre ...

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Rights of Children

Rights of Children in Islam

Children, according to Islam, are entitled to various rights. The first and foremost of these r ...

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Is Blood Donation Allowed in Islam?

Is it permitted in Islam for a male or female Muslim to donate blood to a Muslim or non-Muslim? ...

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Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection in Islam

While the attitude of Islam to the environment, the sources of life, and the resources of natur ...

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Inspired By Muhammad – Environment

Inspired By Muhammad – Environment

Prophet Muhammad declared 30km area around Medina a protected grove and prohibited the cutting ...

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Free Media

Between the Responsibility for the Word and the Press Freedom

The responsibility for the word should not hinder a Muslim from speaking up when necessary. The ...

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Book and Copyright Day

Copyright as a Right Guaranteed in Islam

Islam protects personal wealth and imposes very strict penalties against banditry, robbery, and ...

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