Stop Racism

How Islam Combated Racism

Watch this video to know the practices adopted by Islam to combat racism and ensure brotherhood ...

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No Racism

Islam & Racism

Do you know that all forms of racism are forbidden in Islam? Do you know that Prophet Muhammad ...

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Smoking in Islam

How Islam Can Help Us Stop Smoking

It is universally understood that cigarette smoking causes a number of health problems that oft ...

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Forgiveness & Pardon

Forgiveness and Pardon in Islam

Muslims are commanded to show forgiveness to one another and even non-Muslims Forgiveness is a ...

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Water in Islam

World Water Day

Being the most important element of nature, water in Islam in terms of importance and necessity ...

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Kindness in Islam

Islam commands kindness towards everything in this universe, including people, animals and even ...

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Forbearance in Islam

Forbearance in Islam

Forbearance is one of the qualities most liked by God. Since forbearance is an attribute of God ...

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Muslim women before a mosque

Women: Before and after Islam

How did the Romans and Arabs before Islam treat woman? How was woman looked upon and considered ...

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Social Integration

Fraternity between Migrants and Ansaris as Unique Social Integration

Fraternity between the Migrants and the Ansaris was a unique experience of the social integrati ...

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The Status of the Elderly in Islam

Compassion and respect towards the elderly constitute an essential element of the Islamic condu ...

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