What Happened to Jesus According to Islam?

Jesus was born without a father in the first place. He has a miraculous life with two earthly l ...

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Ascension and Resurrection of Jesus

Though Muslims and Christians agree on Ascension, Christians believe Resurrection happened afte ...

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Doctrine of Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity between the Sacred Texts and the Nicene Creed

Watch this video to know more about the true origins of the doctrine of the Holy Trinity betwee ...

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Is Jesus God?

Divinity of Jesus

As for Muslims, they think that Jesus is the Son of Mary and a servant, Prophet and Messenger o ...

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clouds in the sky

The Second Coming of Jesus

Muslims believe that some of the People of the Book, including Jews and Christians, will believ ...

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Was Jesus a Muslim?

No wonder, Muslims do love Jesus. A person cannot be Muslim without believing in Jesus. Muslims ...

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Jesus as a Word and Spirit from Allah

Christians conclude that He is a Son of God, but Muslims insist that he is not a Son of God, th ...

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Jesus in Islam

Message of Jesus as a Prophet of God

According to Islam, Allah taught Jesus writing, wisdom, the Torah and the Gospel as a messenger ...

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Trinity between Paganism and Christianity

The contemporary Christianity is nearer to the polytheistic paganism and farther from the monot ...

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Christianity between Pure Spirituality and Worldly Desire

Christianity between pure spirituality and worldly desire: discover the dark history and major ...

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