Islam As Prophets Preached

Apostasy is losing way

Apostasy in Islam

The noble Qur'an teaches us that there is no compulsion in religion. Does the punishment for apostasy conflict with this Qur'anic principle? What about drinking alcohol? Is it prohibited, and why? Wat ...

What Kind of Jihad Can New Muslims Practice?

Jihad has uncountable forms and levels. There are self-Jihad, familial Jihad, societal Jihad, peaceful Jihad, armed Jihad and so on. ...

Islam is Love

Islam is Love!

The Muslim faith is based on love of and for the sake of God. Such a rough, coarse person who does not feel love cannot be Muslim, simply because love is the mainstay of Islam ...

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Overlapping of the Messages of Muhammad and Jesus

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) also prophesied that Jesus will come back to uphold Islam as the true monotheistic message of Allah to humanity. ...

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Between Islam and Contemporary Christianity


Dictionary of Long Duplication & Identity within the Chapters of Bible and Qur’an

The Bible abounds in almost identical chapters involving duplication in details with, sometimes, irreconcilable contradictory differences, unlike the Qur’an ...

Incarnation of Jesus

Incarnation in the Three Divine Religions (2/2)

To prove that Jesus was not divine, Allah argues that he and his mother were in the habit of eating. The Qu’ran implies that it is impossible that a god can eat. ...

Incarnation of Jesus in three religions

Incarnation in the Three Divine Religions (1/2)

Islam completely rejects the doctrine of the incarnation of God in any form. Islam specifically rejects the Christian idea of Jesus as a divine incarnation, but rather Jesus is seen as a prophet and m ...

Blasphemy in the Abrahamic religions

Prohibition of Blasphemy

All divine religions prohibit blasphemy and consider it a sin which cannot be forgiven. A believer should avoid even the situations which are more likely to lead to blasphemy. ...

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Contemporary Christianity

Doctrine of Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity between the Sacred Texts and the Nicene Creed

Watch this video to know more about the true origins of the doctrine of the Holy Trinity between the Bible and the Nicene Creed! ...

Is Jesus God?

Divinity of Jesus

As for Muslims, they think that Jesus is the Son of Mary and a servant, Prophet and Messenger of Allah. According to Islam, Jesus is neither God nor the Son of God. ...

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The Second Coming of Jesus

Muslims believe that some of the People of the Book, including Jews and Christians, will believe in Jesus as a prophet and messenger of Allah when he comes back to fight the False Messiah. ...


What Happened to Jesus According to Islam?

Jesus was born without a father in the first place. He has a miraculous life with two earthly lifetimes and one interval of an unusually heavenly life in between. If one already believes in Jesus, let ...

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