Islam As Prophets Preached

Gary Miller (Abdul-Ahad Omar)

Dr. Gary Miller: “Man is Born Muslim”

Watch this video to listen to Dr. Gary Miller, also known as Abdul-Ahad Omar, while proving that all mankind are born Muslims! ...


Creation in the Qur’an and Other Scriptures

How did this universe and its inhabitants come into existence? Does this question has necessarily anything to do with one’s faith or religion at all? What does the answer to this inquiry say about th ...

Peace in Islam

Islam: A Religion of Love and Peace

Throughout history, Muslims have made every effort to establish peace and serenity everywhere in all divergent fields ...


Will Christians Go to Hell?

Watch this video to listen to Dr. Zakir while answering the above question in detail and indicating which Christians will go to Hell and which to Heaven ...

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Between Islam and Contemporary Christianity

Bowing down and prostration

Bowing down and Prostration between Christianity and Islam

In Christianity, bowing down and prostration may be made for God and others. In Islam, bowing down and prostration may not be made except for God only. ...


Between Muhammad’s Companions and Jesus’ Disciples and Apostles

There is a big difference between Muhammad’s companions and Jesus’ disciples and apostles as portrayed by the Bible in terms of the role of each party ...

Prophet Muhammad

The Greatest Prophets between Christianity and Islam: 22-Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad is considered the last messenger and prophet bringing forward a revelation and a law on which a considerable number of people act ...

Prophet Jesus

The Greatest Prophets between Christianity and Islam: 21-Prophet Jesus

Know more about Prophet Jesus in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, according to the Qur'an and the Bible, especially in terms of his divinity and servitude ...

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Contemporary Christianity


Trinity between Paganism and Christianity

The contemporary Christianity is nearer to the polytheistic paganism and farther from the monotheistic heavenly messages, given the Trinity it calls for ...


Role of Early Popes and First Council of Nicaea in the Establishment of Contemporary Christianity

Christianity is just a fabric mostly woven by the early popes before and during the First Council of Nicaea, which established the contemporary Christianity ...


Christianity between Pure Spirituality and Worldly Desire

Christianity between pure spirituality and worldly desire: discover the dark history and major historic scandals of popes and early Christian emperors ...

Contemporary Christianity

Roman Emperors’ Role in the Establishment of Contemporary Christianity

Roman emperors embraced Christianity after it had experienced much alteration and distortion. So, they, mainly Constantine, proceeded to reproduce it. ...

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